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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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. new developments tonight in the case of a missing toddler from the east bay. the items today that caught authorities off guard and why they say their search isn't over. >> plus, developing news. the wildfire near yosemite gaining ground. the challenges firefighters are faith facing tonight. >> from washington to right here to the bay area, how thousands are paying tribute to dr. martin luther king. . breaking news coming to us from the south bay, where police right now are investigating a deadly shooting in broad daylight in downtown
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san jose. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. police say the killing is san jose's 33rd homicide. tonight we are learning the gunman is still on the loose. >> reporter: well, san jose police have been out here for five hours. halfway down the block is a mexican restaurant called tico's tacos. the restaurant has been shut down because the man shot and killed was found nearby. police are still looking for the shooter tonight. police will not comment on camera about the investigation, but they did release a few details. at this point, police say they received a 911 call around 1:00 this afternoon, about shots heard near third and julian street. responding officers discovered a man who had been shot at least once. investigators aren't sure where the exact shooting happened or what spurred it. the spokesman told me this was not a drive-by incident, but he did say that they are investigating whether it was gang-related. we spoke to several witnesses too scared to go on camera to describe what they saw.
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one witness told me the shootings stem from a fight that led to a chase and the victim was struck at least once with a baseball bat-type object before he was shot and killed. again, police have not confirmed a motive. now, this afternoon's shooting took place just a block or so from st. james park. the location of this morning's event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the historic march on washington. now, as you can see right here, police still have this area blocked off between third and fifth on east julian street. they are not releasing any other information about the victim at this point until they notify the family. jade hernandez, channel 2news. now to new developments out of oakland, where volunteers today fanned out in a new area, looking for signs of little daphne webb. >> earlier today, authorities announced a discovery that may be evidence. ktvu's noelle walker joins us live with more. >> reporter: heather, they found a shovel and pick axe. they turned out to be tools used by some young boys in
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order to groom bike trails here. the area they searched today was identified by the fbi as an area of interest, though they didn't find anything, it did lead them to another area they want to take a closer look at. on a sunny day made for hiking, meg thompson and her dog are logging miles, working. >> i send him into areas to check, especially steep areas we can't get to easily by ourselves. >> reporter: what they are looking for feels like a dark cloud on this sunny day. >> he's trained to find everything from teeth to newly dead bodies. >> reporter: kado is a cadaver dog, one of six used today, along with 45 search and rescue volunteers from alameda and santa clara county, to comb the hills around merritt college for daphne webb, the oakland toddler whose father reported
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her missing on july 10th. >> i'm confident we will find out what happened to this baby. >> reporter: police have identified an area of interest west of merritt college. a helicopter from east bay regional parks was up taking photos. >> that could potentially be something investigators may want to go back and revisit. >> family members are a little overwhelmed by it. >> reporter: this is the first time daphne's family has been to a search. >> because it brings back, us back to reality that not only is she missing, but some harm could have possibly happened to her. >> reporter: there are two parallel investigations right now, one for a missing girl, the other for a potential homicide victim. the hope is one search will turn up nothing and the other will bring a little girl home. daphne's grandfather told me today they were praying they wouldn't find anything here today because it helped keep their hope alive for finding daphne alive. reporting live in oakland,
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noelle walker, ktvu channel 2news. more details now on the daphne webb case. police say daphne's water, john webb, reported her missing back on july 10th. he says she was taken from his suv when he went into a corner market. webb was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, but was not charged and released. police do say, however, he remains a person of interest in the case. a $10,000 reward was offered shortly after daphne's disappearance. just yesterday, the fbi added an additional $10,000, bringing the reward to $20,000. now to developing news at the edge of yosemite national park, where that raging wildfire continues to grow. the rim fire has blackened about 125,000 acres since it started a week ago. 4500 homes are still threatened. right now, the fire is only 5% contained. fire officials say the rim fire is the fastest-moving wildfire of about 50 wildfires burning right now across the west. the terrain in the area in which the fire is spreading
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could mean problems for fire crews. reporter melinda mesa has the latest from the fire lines. >> every now and then, pops up with a cumulus cloud over the top. that means it's very active. >> reporter: the rim fire near yosemite national park is still growing. and crews are still battling the blaze from the skies. firefighters say there is still big concern with the fire only being 5% contained. >> the concern is that it's actually starting to back down into some canyons that could actually make some big runs and that's where we get large fire spread. >> reporter: many people living in the area are afraid flames will spread and harm not only their homes, but animals. >> they don't know if the fire's going to shift and move backwards or, you know, consume some of those ranches. >> reporter: people with large animals or livestock are being advised to get their animals out of harm's way because it may take a while to get them to safety. >> thank you, god! >> reporter: buck meadows resident bill charleston says
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he was able to get help from the red cross with his horses. >> flames were growing and the horses were just nuts and galloping around. we could hardly catch them. >> reporter: others are hoping to have the same luck. >> got friends now trying to get them out of the hills and move them. >> beautiful country up here, god's country. to see it devastated like this is horrible. >> reporter: 11 homes have been burnt and 12 structures have been burned. the evacuation center is still open in sonora at the mother lode fairgrounds. recording from the rim fire, melinda mesa, ktvu, channel 2news. this map we'll show you shows just how much forest land the fire has consumed. it's almost 200 square miles since it started last saturday. you can also get an idea of how close the flames are to the hetch hetchy reservoir, burning two or three miles below the dam. the fire has prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency for the city and county of san francisco, which, of course, depends on hetch hetchy for power and water. today, utility officials say
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the ash and the smoke has not affected the purity of the water supply, which serves about 2.6 million bay area residents. more breaking news right now, this time out of el dorado county, where fire crews right now are battling a new wildfire in the community of georgetown, off highway 193, east of auburn. you're log at live pictures of the scene of this fire. about 15 acres have burned so far. flames broke out just before 3:00 this afternoon and now they are threatening about 80 homes you see there in the subdivision. those residents are under mandatory evacuation orders right now. two structures have already burned. we don't yet know if they are homes. preliminary reports indicate the fire started from a blown transformer. the investigation of a deadly stabbing in marin county ended in san francisco, where federal officials say they were forced to shoot an armed suspect. the chp alerted police to be on the lookout for the man who was believed to be on the golden gate transit bus. u.s. park police spotted him
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getting off of a bus at fillmore and chestnut streets in the city's marina district just after 11:00 last night. he was armed with a knife and covered in blood. officers say a taser failed to stop him, so they opened fire. the suspect is hospitalized at san francisco general. well, the manhunt began in marin city. marin county sheriffs deputies were called to an apartment on cole drive by a resident who got home to find the living room covered in blood. deputies found a 44-year-old woman in the bedroom with numerous stab wounds. she was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators have not yet released details of the relationship between the victim and the suspect. in vallejo, police shot an armed robbery suspect early this morning. police say they were looking for three men for that robbery outside a bar on lincoln road just before 1:00 a.m. about 45 minutes later, they spotted three people in a parking lot of the blue rock inn on springs road. officers say one of them drew a silver object from his waist band and an officer opened fire. police say the suspect was
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wanted on a felony warrant out of san francisco. the suspect is expected to survive. a memorial was held today for a southern california mother and son killed by a family friend who then kidnapped the woman's 16-year- old daughter. ♪ >> 500 people attended the service for christina anderson and 8-year-old ethan anderson in san diego county. they were found dead in the burnt home of james lee dimaggio august 3rd. authorities say dimaggio killed them, then kidnapped 16-year- old hannah anderson. fbi agents shot and killed dimaggio after a six-day search that ended in the idaho wilderness. authorities have not yet revealed a possible motive for the murders and kidnapping. now to the new bay bridge. we're just four days away from wednesday's closure of the entire span to prepare for the reopening after labor day. but already, drivers are seeing some changes. three toll lanes of the bay bridge toll plaza are closed
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this weekend so crews can put in a new fast track lane. here's a picture of the approach. lot of traffic out there at this hour. the three far right lanes are shut down and that has caused heavy backup at the toll plaza all afternoon long. crews will close the old eastern span of the bridge on wednesday at 8:00 p.m. that's on the left side of the screen. the tower of the new suspension span on the right side. the new span is set to open by 5:00 a.m. the following tuesday. for the first time, bikes and pedestrians will have a dedicated lane on a portion of the new span. our web team has put up a special section on to help you get around the bay bridge closure. scroll down to hot topics. people from all over marched and rallied today to commemorate a dream, why they believe martin luther king's message still resonates today. >> a weak system approaching the bay area right now. we could be talking about cooler temperatures, even the possibility of a few showers for your sunday. we'll have more on that, coming
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. i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of the dream. >> it's been nearly 50 years since dr. martin luther king, jr. shared his dream with the country. >> today, thousands across the country, including right here in the bay area paid tribute to that dream. demonstrators say while progress has been made, more work needs to be done. >> ktvu was at several of the events, as the message was brought to the streets. >> reporter: well, for many at these rallies, it wasn't just
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about remembering what happened back in 1963. it was about figuring out how to apply that message to the present. for jacob smith, this oakland rally brings back memories of the one he attended in washington, dc 50 years ago. >> my parents were on vacation, grew up in south carolina, and we went there for the march. >> reporter: he says martin luther king's message is just as important now as it was then. >> this is a remembrance that the battle and the fight still continues, because things have, things have improved, but there's so much more to be done. >> i know that you can say it with me. i have a dream! >> reporter: around the bay area, hundreds marked the 50th anniversary of that famous phrase. in san jose, they marched from st. james park to santa clara county building. the message, progress must continue. >> civil rights are being violated. i look at trayvon martin. we need to move forward and
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keep pressing for freedom and equality and justice for all. >> reporter: equality and justice that extends farther than it did in 1963, but not far enough, according to the lgbt coalition, who held this rally on the steps of city hall. >> you don't have to be a dr. king, an icon. you just have to do your part. >> reporter: jacob smith says he certainly will. >> this to me is like a rededication of my efforts, and it should be a rededication to every citizen of america, to make sure that dr. king's vision comes to reality. >> reporter: festivities will continue this week, including an event on the actual anniversary on wednesday, right here at city hall. live in san francisco, anne ruben, ktvu channel 2news. but for them, i would not be attorney general of the united states and barack obama would not be president of the united states of america.
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>> that was attorney general eric holder, paying tribute to past generations of african americans who fought for civil rights. he was among several speakers in the nation's capital today, marking the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. a group of peace activists gather order an oakland street corner today to protest two recent killings. [ crowd cheering ] >> about a dozen people from the group soldiers against violence everywhere gathered at the corner of market street and stanford avenue. today's protest was in memory of two recent homicide victims. 22-year-old ian acono and 17- year-old isaac johnson, both of whom were fatally shot over the summer. >> our pastor first said that people getting killed, the fire department will come out and wash the blood off the sidewalk and after that, everybody will go and then that would be it, you know. so i saw families and our children. >> organizers say protests like today's are aimed at
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encouraging people to break the silence and take a nonviolent stand against the rampant violence in their communities. continuing coverage of the civil war in syria, today, united nations envoy arrived in damascus to investigate this week's alleged chemical attack. the aid group doctors without borders now says 355 people died and thousands were injured in wednesday's attack. syria denies it used chemical weapons, but the government is blocking the envoy from getting to evidence. that evidence is expected to quickly decay. east bay congressman got an earful today from veterans waiting for benefits. [ indiscernible ] >> veterans are frustrated by the slow pace of collecting on their claims. the congressman hosted a town hall meeting in pleasanton, packed with veterans of all ages. one woman says she and her husband have to wait years on every claim they file.
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>> last time i went in with him, they said they didn't have enough people, you know, to work with the claims. so i think there's something they should do something about that and maybe hire more people, more people that are needed to dot job so they can get the process going. >> the head of oakland's department of veterans affairs says the claims are moving faster now, after adding 50 staff and converting to electronic filing. heading back-to-school now, hundreds of oakland families came to a school resource fair today. students and parents received free books, tips on reading at home, and even food from the alameda county food bank. >> today is all about getting parents energized about the school year beginning. we're offering a lot of resources so they can support their students and have a very successful year. >> organizers say this is the first time they have held a back-to-school resource fair on a saturday. they say that makes it easier and more accessible for families to attend. about 500 families were expected at today's event.
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>> boy, a really pretty day across much of the bay area. 20th street block party in san francisco, one woman said i didn't know it was going to be so nice. i wanted to say, if you had listened to meteorologist mark tamayo, you would have known! >> yeah, temperatures at 60s, 70s, a few 80s. we could be dodging rain drops tomorrow morning. changes for the second half of the weekend. here's our live camera toward the golden gate bridge. we had low clouds out there and higher clouds pushing into the region. in terms of the real rainfall, it's not here in the bay area. it's down to our south, towards southern california, approaching parts of nevada as well. that will be a developing weather story for tomorrow and into monday. right now, we have low clouds and also the high clouds moving in from the north and from the west. current temperatures are ranging from the lower 60s in half moon bay. san francisco at 64. lots of 70s inland. livermore checking in -- actually fairfield at 82. livermore in the 70s. quick check on lake tahoe, of course, the dense smoke
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advisory extended. this will be extended for a few more days. all depends on the behavior of the rim fire. this is extended until 8:00 tomorrow night. as far as the rim fire, this picture snapped earlier today. and the forecast, this is one constant. the terrain is extreme. sunday forecast, temperatures in the lower 80s. humidity levels right around 6%. and the winds on the moderate side. in fact, here is our forecast model showing you this at 6:00 tomorrow morning, winds around 5 to 9 miles an hour. this will be the dominant wind direction, west to southwest tomorrow evening, picking up around 10, possibly 15 miles an hour. back here in the bay area for tonight, we do have increasing clouds. tomorrow, lots of cloud cover to start out the day. possibly a few light showers as well. then the extended, a bit of a warming trend. overnight lows will be starting out the day in the 50s. santa rosa at 52 degrees. this area of low pressure moves in, so as it does approach, we'll increase the clouds overnight tonight and into early sunday morning. there is a chance of a shower
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favoring the north bay and the coastal sections. only a slight chance. but with that, there's even a possibility of an isolated thunderstorm as well. we'll be watching out for that. wind speeds pick up 25 miles an hour. our forecast model, not really aggressive with the shower chances in the bay area. primarily up to our north tomorrow morning. lots of cloud cover out there, but once again, there is a slight chance of a shower first thing tomorrow morning, up until about 8:00 or 9:00. temperatures, as i mentioned, everybody cooling off. most areas in the 60s and 70s. still a few low 80s toward walnut creek, livermore, brentwood. oakland, upper 60s. san jose, forecast high in the upper 70s. san francisco, clouds in the morning, becoming partly cloudy for the afternoon, and winds do pick up. so there's the little rain clouds to reflect the chance of a light shower first thing sunday morning. partly cloudy skies on monday. heather and ken, if you want the heat, you won't find it in the five-day forecast. maybe approaching 90 degrees by thursday, but still a mild weather pattern. >> thank you, mark.
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>> sure. sports anchor joe fonzi joins us next. plus, cal and stanford breaking tradition. the change that could come to next year's big game.
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. next year's big game
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between stanford and cal may be played at the new stadium in santa clara instead of memorial in berk lear. san francisco chronicle reports both universities are expected to accept the offer next week. many cal fans are outraged by the idea, saying it would be unfair to move the game from cal's home field. >> stay tuned on that. joe joins us now. the a's still in it? >> both still very much in it. the a's trying to regain momentum in the american league west race today, after losing another game in the standings to the rangers last night. oakland had suzuki back on the team for the stretch run. orioles broke two in the third, flaherty finds the right field seats. the orioles held the lead until the sixth, when the a's broke through against tillman. after suzuki doubled with one out, lowry hits this drive to right. suzuki comes around to score. lowry ends up with a double of his own. still 1-1 in the ninth.
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coco crisp led off the inning against the orioles darren o'day on a 3-0 pitch. that was a lead off-block. did the a's a favor. o'day came in with the 3-1 pitch and crisp put it in the bleachers. parker gave way to grant balfour in the ninth, working a 1-2-3 inning, striking out flaherty to tend and picked up his 32nd save. right now, a's are three games back of the rangers pending their game tonight against the white sox. and you go a long time before you see this repeated. jersey city, new jersey, the backdrop of the barclays tournament, first of four tournaments in golf's fedex cup. this is k.j. choi on the par-4 13. greg chalmers in the very next group hit from the other side, resulting in the same, hole in
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one. that's the place to be. neither is in serious contention of the lead. kutcher and woodland are tied in the lead. dario franchitti is on the pole for tomorrow's indy race. we'll have the highlights tonight at 10:00. here's another live look at the empire fire. we'll have the latest on the efforts to control it, coming up a little later at 10:00 tonight. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. >> and we'll see you the next time news breaks. hope to see you tonight at 10:00 for the latest on that fire. good night.
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